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Telephone Number - 706-245-0488 Hanson Metal Company serving Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee with the best in standing seam metal roofing products.

  Metal Roofing, Siding, Trim, and Tools   

Hanson Metal Company is a metal roofing manufacturer, providing metal roofing materials for residential, commercial buildings and carports. We are a family operated business, believe in our products, our employees, and our values in delivering the very best service to our customers.

Metal Roofing is lightweight relative to its strength, so it can usually be installed over existing roof materials.  Our Metal Roofing Products are available in a wide variety of colors and profiles.  Metal Roofing products will help you better protect your investments. Visit our Visualizer.

Metal Roof Color Visualizer

Energy Star Compliant

Our Metal Roofing Products are Energy Star compliant.

Hanson Metal Company is a proud Energy Star Partner! We have partnered with Energy Star to provide high quality Metal Roofing and Siding for customers throughout Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama.

Our Energy Star Metal Roofing Products are manufactured in the state of Georgia. The importance of energy efficiency is important. Whether your focus is on the environment or simply lowering your monthly energy bill, metal roofing and siding can help make your home or office more energy efficient. Get your Energy Star Roof, and start saving.

If you are you a metal roofing contractor give us a call today! We have complete metal roofing tools as well as all metal roofing components for your next job. 

Metal Shop Metal Carport Home with a Standing Seam Roof